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PKI Home / PKI Policy Bodies and Other Authentication Frameworks /

PKI Policy Bodies and Other Authentication Frameworks

This section presents a number of large scale infrastructure initiatives, typically deployed by government or by vertical industry groups for the benefit of defined user groups, in order to provide technology and legal support for secure e-business programs.

 PKI Policy Bodies
 Authentication Frameworks (including PKI enabled National IDs)
 Related Security Policy Bodies, Interest Groups and Promotional Associations

PKI Policy Bodies

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Around the world, numerous organizations have a variety of roles in creating or influencing PKI policy. Some of these are officially charged with setting or administerting PKI policy. Others are concerned with authentication more broadly.


US Federal PKI Steering Committee
US Federal Bridge CA
NIST Personal Identification Verification (PIV) Homepage
Access Certificates for Electronic Service (ACES)
US Government Smartcards - Homepage for all US government smartcard activities, including a database of rollout projects.
US Dept of Defense PKI Homepage
Policy for Public Key Infrastructure Management in the Government of Canada

Europe, Middle East, & Africa

European Electronic Signature Standardisation Initiative
European Technology and Standards Institute (ETSI) Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures Technical Committee TC ESI
UK eEnvoy
Belgian National ID card and CA Certipost
Estonia National ID smartcard
BACSTEL-IP - a major IP based re-engineering of the UK banking clearance system, involving one or Europe's biggest PKIs to date.
Europe's biggest PKIs to date
Security pages - formerly the European CA Forum


Asia PKI Forum
China PKI Forum
Chinese Taipei PKI Forum
Hong Kong PKI Forum
Japan PKI Forum
Korea PKI Forum
Singapore PKI Forum

Hong Kong Recognition of CAs
Macao Post eSignTrust - the de facto national CA of Macau
New Zealand Authentication Framework - technology neutral, but New Sealand has significant government PKI systems too, see S.E.E.
New Zealand Secure Electronic Environment (S.E.E.) - a pioneering government PKI
Australian Government Gatekeeper - the regulatory body for Australian B2G users of PKI
Australian Government Authentication Framework

Hong Kong Smart ID Card
Taiwan IC National Health Insurance Card
New Queensland Driver License (Australia)
Medicare smartcard (Australia)

APEC eSecurity Task Group - the Telecommunications Working Group (TEL) of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) hosts an e-Security Task Group. The eSTG has been historically focused on PKI and e-authentication. The group meets twice a year and all committee papers are freely available on the web.

Private Sector PKI and related schemes

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Identrus - the worldwide private PKI for the banking industry
Pan Asia Alliance - an association of commercial CAs in North Asia focused on PKI for securing international trade documentation
EMV - The Europay-MasterCard-Visa consortium develops and administers technology standards for credit cards worldwide, including the current initiative to transition from magnetic stripe to chip.
Chip & PIN - a nationwide rollout of smartcards for credit and debit in the UK, with 65 million card son issue at Nov 2004
Global Platform - a major smartcard platform standard.

Related Security Policy Bodies, Interest Groups and Promotional Associations

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Identity Theft
Anti-Phishing Alliance
Privacy, Security & "Trust"
Liberty Alliance - developing federated identity standards
Trusted Computing Group
Shibboleth - single sign on software initiative
TeleTrusT - Non-profit organization for the promotion of trustworthiness of information and communication technology
International Security Trust & Privacy Alliance
Wireless Security
Radicchio - "Global Initiative for Wireless eCommerce"
Open Mobile Alliance


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