Information on this web site is preserved for legacy purposes only. The OASIS PKI Member Section transitioned to the OASIS IDtrust Member Section in 2007. OASIS Technical Committees affiliated with the Member Section remain active.
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OASIS PKI Member Section Press Releases

23 Feb 2004 OASIS Mobilizes to Overcome Challenges to PKI Adoption
07 Jan 2003 OASIS Members Form Technical Committee to Advance PKI Adoption for Secure Transactions
20 Aug 2002 PKI Forum Publishes White Paper on Return On Investment (ROI) for PKI Implementations
22 Jul 2002 Industry Experts Collaborate With CPAs To Improve Trust on the Internet
23 Apr 2002 PKI Forum Publishes New Papers On PKI In the Business Environment and On the Use of Smart Cards
27 Mar 2002 PKI Forum Names New Board; Adds Focus On End Users With Solutions and Applications Activities for 2002
05 Mar 2002 PKI Forum Marks 2nd Anniversary with Annual Member Meeting, Public Seminar On 'PKI Today: Issues and Applications'
08 Aug 2001 PKI Forum Publishes Paper Endorsing Standards for Certification Authority Trust
15 May 2001 PKI Forum Publishes New Paper Exploring Biometrics As Complementary Technology
02 May 2001 PKI Forum Publishes New White Papers to Define PKI Policy
28 Feb 2001 PKI Forum Marks First Anniversary with Annual Member Meeting
30 Jan 2001 PKI Forum Advances Interoperability of Certificate Lifecycle Management

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