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For additional information on the PKI Forum:
Lisa Pretty, PKI Forum Executive Director
+1 805.467.2279

PKI Forum Holds Inaugural Members Meeting
Rapid Membership Growth Reported

MENLO PARK, Calif., Mar. 15, 2000 '- The PKI Forum, an industry-led collaboration created to accelerate the adoption of Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology and PKI-based solutions as the trusted foundation for secure e-business applications, today announced the outcomes of its inaugural Members Meeting, held last week in Foster City, California. Key outcomes included: Membership Growth; "Customer-Driven" panel presentations; Election of Board; Two Working Groups; List of Future Activities.

Membership Growth
Since its formation by founding members Baltimore Technologies, Entrust Technologies Inc., IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp. and RSA Security Inc. in December 1999, membership in the PKI Forum has rapidly grown to over 50 leading organizations worldwide. The speed at which the PKI Forum has reached critical mass confirms its role as the industry's center of gravity on issues of PKI interoperability, and underscores the industry commitment to collaborate to enable organizations worldwide to understand and exploit the value of PKI in their e-business applications.

Principal Members: Chrysalis-ITS; JAWS Technologies; SynData Technologies; VeriSign Inc.; and Xcert International.

Associate Members: Aladdin Technologies; Arthur Andersen; CardBase Technologies; Celo Communications Ltd.; Certicom Corp.;; Cisco; Compaq; Cylink; Digital Medical Systems; Digital Signature Trust Co.; Diversinet Corp.; Entegrity Solutions; Equifax Secure, Inc.; Fannie Mae; First Access, Inc.; Fujitsu Limited; FundSERV; Gemplus Corporation; Hewlett-Packard; Hitachi; I.D. Certify, Inc.; Intelispan; NETLEXIS Ltd.; Nortel Networks; Oracle; Racal Guardata; Rainbow Technologies, Inc.; Royal Mail, Viacode; Schlumberger; SECUDE GmbH; Siemens AG; SPYRUS; SSE Ltd.; and Who? Vision.

Auditing Members: Allen & Overy; Dreifus Associates Limited; Litronic Inc.; Logica Ltd.; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Solutions Inc.; and ValiCert.

Membership in the PKI Forum is open to all product and service providers, independent software vendors, consultants, integrators and end-user organizations that have a demonstrated interest in promoting PKI technology and PKI-based solutions.

Inaugural Meeting
The inaugural Members Meeting of the PKI Forum, consistent with its "industry-led, customer-driven" philosophy, began with a series of panel presentations on existing PKI initiatives from thought leaders in Government, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Financial Services. Following the formal election of the PKI Forum Executive Board and (see "PKI Forum Announces Executive Board", also released today), members dedicated the remainder of the meeting to more fully defining their collaborative activities in two standing working groups:
  • The Technical Working Group will develop PKI interoperability profiles to address the use of PKI in e-business applications, link with appropriate standards bodies and other industry organizations, and charter demonstration projects to establish interoperability among vendor products. Mark Davis, of IBM, and Andrew Nash of RSA were elected to co-chair the Technical Working Group.
  • The Business Working Group will work to understand the requirements of end-user organizations, software developers, service providers and vendors, and to link those requirements to the activities of Technical Working Group. It will also invest in marketing activities for the PKI Forum, initially focused on market education and awareness for PKI technologies and PKI-based solutions. Juan Rodriguez Torrent, of SynData Technologies and Ray Wagner, of Digital Medical Systems were elected to co-chair the Business Working Group.

For detailed meeting information, or for general information about the PKI Forum, see the PKI Forum Web site at

Future Activities
After the successful close of its first Member Meeting, the PKI Forum announced that it will be participating in a number of industry activities over the next several months:

  • April 13, 2000 '- The PKI Forum will host a 90-minute informational meeting at the RSA Conference in Munich, Germany. For event details, see
  • May 2-4, 2000 '- The PKI Forum will staff an informational exhibit at the Entrust SecureSummit 2000 meeting in Dallas, Texas. For event details, see
  • June 2000 '- The second quarter PKI Forum Members Meeting will be held(details to be posted at by March 31,2000)].
  • September 18-20, 2000 '- The PKI Forum will staff an informational exhibit at the Baltimore Global e-Security 2000 conference in Orlando, Florida. For event details, see
  • September 2000 '- The third quarter PKI Forum Members Meeting will be held (details to be posted at by March 31,2000).

About the PKI Forum
The PKI Forum is an international, not-for-profit, multi-vendor and end-user alliance whose purpose is to accelerate the adoption and use of Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) and PKI-based products and services. The PKI Forum advocates industry cooperation and market awareness to enable organizations to understand and exploit the value of PKI in their e-business applications. For more information about the PKI Forum, see the PKI Forum Web site at



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