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Agenda November 5, 2002
PKI: Issues & Applications - Day 1

8:00 am

Registration Desk Opens & Continental Breakfast Available
Attendees who registered on-line may stop by the registration desk to pick up their badge and registration package. On-site registration will be available for those who do not register on-line prior October 30th.

8:30 am

Welcome & Introduction
  Lisa Pretty, PKI Forum President

8:45 am

PKI is Getting re-Discovered
  Brian O'Higgins, Entrust
Governments will be the leading sector in PKI deployments for the next year at least. This is both for internal use driven in particular by homeland security related applications, as well as externally in e-gov applications. The higher standard of security required by governments distinguishes these designs over some commercial projects. This talk will look at how PKI technology is being adopted by governments, and the impact on our industry.

9:30 am

Delivering the Promise of PKI
  John Weigelt, Government of Canada
While pundits have described PKI as faltering, the Government of Canada is demonstrating that the last rites shouldn't be read just yet. This presentation will illustrate how PKI is being employed to reach all individuals and businesses that deal with the Government of Canada. This presentation will outline the innovative deployment strategy used for authentication services, discuss the challenges as well as solutions employed to deliver the authentication services that form the foundation for many government on-line applications. A live demonstration of the authentication system in action will illustrate the manner in which the authentication services have been deployed to the user.

10:15 am

  Morning Break

10:45 am

The interoperability between NPKI(National PKI) and GPKI(Government PKI) in KOREA
  Bo-Sung Hwang, KISA
To assure the security and trust of electronic documents and to promote use of electronic documents, Korea has prepared basic requirements for digital signature and NPKI(national PKI) construction. The Digital Signature Act has been enacted in Feb. 1999 and put into force since July 1999 to advance the nation into an information society and to improve convenience for the public. NPKI has been built and operated by the Korea Certificate Authority Central (KCAC) in Korea Information Security Agency (KISA), in accordance with the enforcement of the Digital Signature Act. Currently, 6 licensed CAs and many non-licensed CAs are being operated for the wired certification services.

11:30 am

A survey of Japanese PKI Market: Major Business Cases & Applications
  Dr. Naoto Kamouchi, PKI Forum Japan
The Japan PKI Forum has surveyed recent PKI business cases and applications in Japan and surrounding countries. They have categorized the PKI market into some PKI based service fields, for example e-government, B2B EC, financial field, etc., and interviewed some companies and organizations in the fields. This presentation will discuss their findings.

12:15 pm


1:30 pm
U.S. Federal PKI: Latest Developments in Implementation
  Judith Spencer, USA DoD
On September 18, four Federal agencies cross-certified with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority, thereby making it completely operational. This talk will focus on the Bridge as an enabler in Federal PKI and the next steps being undertaken in this area.

2:15 pm

"Authenticating Devices",
  Derek Brink, RSA Security
As the hype cycle for "PKI" has settled down, the average person may not be aware of the many ways in which digital certificates are already being used. This presentation highlights some of these under-the-covers uses, and projects the future use of digital certificates for network authentication in a wide range of high-volume devices.

3:00 pm

 Afternoon Break

3:30 pm

"Web Services - A Market Overview"
  Karl Best, OASIS
Web Services is a hot new area. OASIS is very involved in the development of web services standards, and has more technical work in this area than any other standards orgranization. This presentation is an overview of web services at OASIS, what web services work is being developed and how it relates to the work of other organizations.

4:15 pm

"Web Services and the Resurgence of PKI"
  Warwick Ford, VeriSign
The rise of interest in Web services - automated machine-to-machine interaction - is increasing the security exposure of critical systems to unprecedented levels. Through developing standards, such as XKMS and WS-S, PKI is positioned to play a central role in securing Web services. This discussion will focus on challenges that Web serifs present, and on examples of successful implementations of secure Web services.

5:30 pm


Welcome Reception 
PKI ForumAfter a day of PKI presentations, attendees will have the chance to relax and network with seminar attendees. The reception will end early enough in the evening to allow visitors to Dallas to plan for a late dinner or evening out.


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